Why HBO is the Best Thing Ever


I’ll be the first in a long line of people to shamelessly admit that I love TV. I love the way I can binge-watch peoples lives, cry when there is a death, laugh when there’s a joke, look at the shock on my mum’s face when there is a a plot twist on Game of Thrones, and in one instance, vomit when a particularly gory scene suddenly popped up on Breaking Bad. And I love that I can do all of that in the comfort of my fluorescent-lit living room. However, there is truly one great television network today and I believe that it is HBO.

It’s safe to say that a significant portion of the shows I watch are on HBO. Whether it be , in all of its Game of Thrones in all of its sick, incestuous glory or reruns Sex and the City, a show that my mum passed onto me (whether or not that is a good or bad thing, only time will tell). Today however, I am not going to talk about the delicious deviousness of a specific show, no, I am going to discuss the incredible success that HBO has had with ALL of its shows (or at least the majority).

The first glimpse I ever got into the dirty, dramatic world of HBO, was an episode of Entourage when I was the sweet age of seven. My parents were flicking through the channels, in those desperate attempts to traverse the endless cosmos of TV goodness we have all experienced. Suddenly, the antics Ari, E, Vince, Turtle and Drama entered my life, swearing and shouting. With one swift click of a button, they disappeared as soon as they had come. But as fleeting as my first impressions of HBO were, this collision of worlds would influence the way I valued and viewed TV as I grew up.

I can’t exactly pinpoint what makes it so good. Possibly and most probably for me, a youth, is the social connotations of a HBO program. Every single show oozes sex, drugs and violence in a way no other TV station has done. Even something as ‘tame’ as Silicon Valley has the famous (or infamous) season 1 finale “jerk off” algorithim. HBO does not hold back. Week-to-week we indugle in the Desirously delicate stories of people who swear, smoke and orgasm their way through murders, pregnacies and affairs. It is truly a privilege to be able to fully invest ourselves in multiple programs per week whose quality seemingly matures and grows season by season, episode by episode. HBO is so brilliant because each showrunner has the unfailing abiltiy to engage their audiences in the vividly rich lives and endeavours of some of our most beloved or passionately hated charaters. We are so engrossed in these peoples worlds, it’s easy to forget real life. I know it sounds like I’m describing the plot of Westworld, but I’m telling the honest truth. We digest these twisting and turning plots in spite of our better judgements because HBO is so sneakily able to keep us hooked. I can assure you ladies and gentlemen, no other TV broadcasting channel has done, is currently or will ever be able to do that.


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