Yes, I Cried in Rogue One


The first thing to know about me: I’m not an overly emotional person. Yes, I cry in sad movies, books, moments in TV shows ( Friends season 9, episode 21), and you know, sad moments in life; however, I don’t cry at things that don’t at all require tears. So I was as surprised as you when I bawled my eyes out upon watching the latest instalment of the Star Wars universe.

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Another thing: I am not one of those crazed Star Wars fans who cry every time they hear the music or whatever. I grew up in a household where pop culture was the forefront of my childhood, so of course, Star Wars was a huge part of my younger years. I adored watching Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie take on the Empire, and I enjoyed nothing more than doing a marathon of Star Wars once a month or so. However, it is not my be-all-and-end-all. I can enjoy other things in life without the constant thought of George Lucas’s mighty creation buzzing annoyingly in my head my every waking second. Not that Star Wars could ever get old or brutally irritating; its just not my life. So again, you can imagine the slight shock I got when I found tears pouring down my face as the realisation dawned on me that Rogue One was not going to end happily ever after, like previous Star Wars movies have; discounting the Force Awakens of course.

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For those who haven’t seen it and wish to stay away from spoilers, may I politely ask you to stop reading here and go and watch it. I can assure you it will be a worthwhile experience. For those who have seen it, I’ll start from exactly where the reality of the dire situation hit me. After watching the plot slowly but steadily build its way through the heavy story it had to address, I was ready to see how everything was going to play out. You see, I kind of knew already that they were all going to die. Like every person who has watched the original movies at least once, the mystery behind Mon Mothma’s little line about the cost of lives to get the plans in Return of the Jedi has always been intriguing, and when the first trailer was released for Rogue One, it was obvious that these were the said lives. I knew that it was not going to end all dreamy and heroic and sweetly glorious. But what I did not expect was the wave of overwhelming emotion that came with it; the rough consciousness that forced me to understand that these people were going to die, whether I liked it or not.

And the moment that it hit, that stony realisation, was when, of all things, K-2SO died, the sarcastic, yet undeniably lovable droid who, lets be real, did not have enough screen time. I knew then that the characters who I had watched for a solid hour and a half + were dead. And it being a Star Wars movie, and not a dramatic movie that was specifically designed to tug at the heartstrings, I was bewildered at the deep sadness that overcame me. Even my mum, who is one of those people who cries at everything, did not shed one tear.

I think, along with other things, the answer to my sorrow is that there has never been a Star Wars movie that has shown the true repercussions of war. Rogue One is just so powerfully dark, it makes the story it tells compellingly beautiful, and therefore, the characters are people who you root for. You end up wanting the girl who lost her parents young to live, because she is so strong and vibrant. You need the man who has done terrible things for a cause her cares so much about to, well, survive, because he is part of a rebellion that is built on hope. Each and every person who you have seen struggle and fight, is a person who you begin to love. And suddenly, as soon as they came, they were gone, only to be fleetingly mentioned in the movies to come. It’s almost cruel.

The moment, though, that truly broke me is when, after everything, Jyn and Cassian sit on the beach, embracing, as the force of the Death Star’s weapon comes closer and closer. These two characters who I followed for over two hours were, to put it plainly, dead, and someone like whiny Luke Skywalker still complained his way through life. Do not get me wrong, he’s ok, and in Return of the Jedi, he’s even bearable. I only wish that Mark Hamill didn’t have such an annoying voice. The fact that these people died and he still gets to live is, as Luke would say, unfair.

Image result for luke skywalker whinySo there we go, a story about a person who cried over a Star Wars movie. I hope that you guys can at least relate a little to the emotion that I was/am feeling.

Love one half of the two crazy youths


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