Christmas Gift Guide – a bit of everything

Doing another one of these this year because it’s so fun to do and also pretty useful. This time round however, there’s a bit of something for everyone from everything between $$$$$ – $. I love every one of these items and although Christmas definitely is not about the presents; giving and receiving is pretty sweet so I do hope that I inspire some gift-giving options for your loved ones. Also all of these prices are in Australian Dollar.


1. Giuseppe Zanotti – Metal Cage Sandals ($2,696.75)

guseppe zanotti.PNGThese shoes epitomise elegance and are utterly unique. The show stopping details will jazz up your Christmas outfit or any party season do-up you plan on wearing. They also prove to be extremely versatile as often fashionistas are seen styling these with mini dresses and skirts, evening gowns to cropped trousers. Zanotti’s are also well-admired for their surprising comfort and that is something any woman will be beyond grateful for. You just cannot go wrong.


Find it here:



2. Harry Potter – Quidditch Chess Set ($579.89)

qudditch.PNGChess is pretty cool. Brain power, strategy, competition and all of that fun stuff – what’s better though is Harry Potter. Combine the two and budampa-toosh you get the ULTIMATE Quidditch chess set, plus it is fancy as heck.  Anyone who appreciates Harry Potter – basically everyone, should absolutely die of happiness and admiration upon unwrapping this charm.


Find it here:



3. Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World ($29.95) 

bad girlsss.PNG Have to have a bit of feminism and women empowerment in this post and this book is full of just that. Ann Shen’s work in this book should be displayed proudly for all to see for it is a masterpiece which revisits impressive women such Marie Antoinette, Billie Holiday, Cleopatra and other lesser-known names, honouring each lady with a stunning watercolour portrait as well as a thoughtful essay celebrating their accomplishments.




Find it here:    




4. Microwave Popcorn Popper ($21.43) 

popcorn.PNGPopcorn is just the easiest thing in the world and so delicious – perfect for movie nights. This tool makes it even better for those health conscious because oil is completely unnecessary but for those (like me) who just don’t give a shit or want to treat themselves a butter compartment is available – so it covers everyone. No denying the value of this present.


Find it here:



5. Ray Ban – Aviator Light Ray II ($260)

raybans.PNGDudes are obsessed with aviators anyway, so make them better with the quality of Ray Ban. Sunnies are just an essential, you can never own too many and with the all black, you just can’t go wrong. However, these do come in 5 different colours if you wanted to turn things up.

Find it here:

Ray Ban                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               6. Bvlgari – Serpanti Forever Leather Shoulder Bag  ($1950)


I’ll just start of by saying that I am beyond obsessed with the Bvlgari Serpanti collection, so every bag that falls under it would be on this post if I could but I can’t. Please do go and check it all out because something there will catch your eye and be total perfection for that special someone.

Find it here:



7. Diptyque – Baies Candle ($73)


Diptyque just knows how to do it with their scents. This is probably one of their best selling and for a good reason that is. They last for yonkers and fill the air with the most divine aromas – this one in particular with a whiff of a bouquet of roses and a blackcurrant bush. I do recommend that you do go in store for a sniff just to ensure that its the right one for your person.


Find it here:



8. Happy Plugs – Sound Piece Mini ($149)


Just the pressie for the one that insists on booming music in every room. This speaker is minimalistic and at around 15cm, weighing less than a kg – it is super convenient. A guy, gal or kiddo could find of plenty use with this. It also has some some high tech features including Bluetooth connectivity, a battery lifespan of 15 hours and an emergency power bank to charge a phone on the run – this thing might just become their new constant companion.

Find it here:

Happy Plugs


9. T2 – Fruitalicious Loose Leaf Everyday Refill ($14-$35)

t2.PNGTea is just yum and fills you with warm happiness. A present you can consume is in my opinion, the best sort. A delicious blend of cranberries, blueberries, dragon fruit and goji berries – your taste buds will be thanking you.





Find it here:



10. Dior – Diorama Précieuse Earrings ($17000)

dior.PNGHow freakin’ beautiful and in season are these earrings?! I’m loving the whole mismatching trend that’s going around right now; it’s kind of effortless but classy at the same time. The 18K Pink Gold, Diamond and Morganite all add up to the hefty price tag, but given the timelessness of these earrings the worth of it does go up often so it could also double as a good investment piece if you’re interested in that.


Find it here:

Only available in Dior Boutiques


11. Boda Skins – Jaws ($746.39)

jaws-gunmetal-zipped_1.pngA good leather jacket is essential to every wardrobe. It’s a basic, but this classic Boda Skins one is bound to wow. The quality is unbeatable, you may customise it to suite your taste in metal, colour or even have it engraved. A leather jacket is a definite go to gift for parents, siblings, partners – anyone really. The mullah that goes towards this is not at all realistic for most, but fear not there are so many dupes on the market – I found some from Zara, Target, French Connection, Asos and a few other places, which I’ll be sure to link below. Also remember to never forget the wonder of faux.


Find it here:

Boda Skins

Asos  ($82)

French Connection  ($169.95)

Zara ($95.52)

Target ($39)


12. Kailijumei Lipsticks ($22)

lips.PNGThese are clear lipstick infused with jelly, gold specks, and a tiny flower placed right in the centre – basically the glass encased rose from beauty and the beast. Anyone whose into beauty should fall in love with these much hyped lippes. To be honest, I don’t think I’d care if they didn’t have amazing colour pay off or whatever – I don’t really want it to to touch my lips; I’d love to just have it in my collection so I can admire it to my heart’s content.


Find it here:



13. Parrot – Bepop Two Drone ($1299.99)

drone.PNGThis would be the most awesome thing to open up and fly around on Christmas day. This is mostly marketed towards guys but if this was the only thing I got, I would be beyond elated. I currently have a crappy one that doesn’t record footage but I still have the most fun with that so I reckon with the extensive capabilities with this funky gadget, life would be super great.

Find it here:



14. Nespresso – Solo Capsule Coffee Maker (usually $199, now $169.15)


Coffee, an essential aspect of human survival. A coffee maker at your home providing hot steamy goodness at the press of a button – no shitty customer service or long lines. Need I say more?





Find it here:



15. Ginia – Luxurious Robe ($299) 

robeSilk. Heaven on your skin pretty much. This is just so sexy and elegant and argh, I want it so bad. Navy also oozes chic and this will just last you a lifetime – I’m kind of obsessed. I don’t really know what else to say about this because it is just a robe and spending this amount of money for such an item may seem like complete idiocy for some but this just seems so irresistible, I am in in love.





Find it here:



16. Asos – Bow Tie and Pocket Square Pack ($18)

bow.PNG Often men don’t buy these snazzy items that are necessary for formal events. This set is inexpensive and I’m sure he will be grateful when rummaging through his drawer to find this handy set at a time of desperation. Simply genius.





Find it here:



17. Etsy – Minimalist Lavender Sachets ($33.10)

lavender.PNG For anyone like me, who takes forever to get to sleep – knows how much of a God-send lavender is. Even better, the little sachet is so very cute with grey polka dots on genuine cotton material. This could work with the decor of any household.




Find it here:



18. Oroton – Salisbury Briefcase ($695)

oroton.PNGBehind every successful man is a darn good briefcase and this could be that briefcase for the men in your life. It’s the ultimate of style and sophistication and ensures that you can travel from meeting to meeting with comfort and ease – ‘tailored, timeless and iconic.’



Find it here:



19. Country Road – Tassel Fringed Hat ($89.95)

hat.jpgSun safety, is always important. Especially in this season of jolliness (in Australia) where the sun is relentless. So why not do it with some style and the key piece of fringe from this season.


Find it here:

Country Road 


20. Lush – ‘The Magic of Christmas’ Reusable Bubble Bar ($10.95)

lushChristmas in your bathtub. Made to refresh and uplift, this all natural product is sure to tempt you at the end of a well-celebrated day. The ingredients have proven to ‘stimulate the skin and boost circulation’ and the aromas of sweet warmness, spice and zest will instantly rid you of those Grinch like moments. Worth every penny as it doesn’t just disappear after one bath – it can last you a long while depending on your bubble mood. A thoughtful treat indeed.





Find it here:



21. Edible Blooms – Luxury Chocolate Bloom ($175)

choc.PNGI mean…chocolate and flowers are a ‘can’t go wrong present,’ so when you combine the two – you know you have a winner. Ferrero Rocher and Lindt are so naughty and we often deprive ourselves from them throughout the year and so this will be such a lovely surprise to receive on Christmas and will be something they can truly savour. Also their Instagram will be thanking you as well.



Find it here:

Edible Blooms


I hope that ya’ll have a beautiful, blessed Christmas with you loved ones and that I’ve assisted in your present giving process; or entertained you at least? For those who this day isn’t too major on their calendar (like me) – I’m sure these gift would also definitely work out for any other occasion and that you too enjoy this very festive time of year and have a relaxed one.

Let me know of something things that you would love to be under your Christmas tree and any suggestions you may have for me.

Lots of love,

1/2 of the Two Crazy Youths

* Having some technical difficulty with formatting, so please bear with me until I sort it all out x


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