A List of Things I Wish to do Before Death

Everyone needs a bucket list to keep them going. It’s what keeps me sane.

1. Be invited to and attend a Fashion Week show – preferably in New York or Paris

2. Arrive at an airport an take a random international flight

3. Be fluent in French and Arabic and actually use it

4. Build an epic tree house

Image result for backyard treehouse

5. Attend Wimbledon

Image result for wimbledon

6. Get a degree in law and work in the International Court of Justice (and/or) the International Criminal Court

7. Taste truffles

8. Go skydiving

9. Have a separate room for my wardrobe

Image result for celebrity walk in wardrobe designs

10. Ride a mattress down a flight of stairs (Princess Diaries style)

11. Travel the world without being – or looking like an obvious tourist

12. Experience weightlessness – zero gravity

13. Stand in a prison cell in Alcatraz

14. Visit Area 51

15. Be a godparent

16. Have a skylight over my kitchen

Image result for kitchen skylights

17. Have an engagement ring created for me

Image result for engagement ring

18. Have a massive library in my house

Image result for modern home library

19. Create a complex conspiracy theory which actually makes sense

Image result for conspiracy theory meme

20. Perform the religious pilgrimage of Hajj

Image result for hajj

22. Own an original piece of artwork

23. Have a food fight

24. Solve a rubix cube

25. Go on a road trip

26. Operate a lemonade stand

27. Get a personal trainer

28. Be a member of an exclusive club

29. Have a meal with a group of people whom I admire the most

30. Sleep on a trampoline under a starry night

31. Receive a standing ovation

Image result for standing ovation gif

32. Be given VIP access to the concert of my dreams

33. Cook every dish in one cookbook

Image result for the kitchen diaries

34. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

35. Go to Maccas at 12am in a ballgown

Image result for maccas in a ballgown

36. Have a bath on a first class plane

37. Coin a word

38. Host a surprise party

39. Design and personalise my house to my heart’s content

40. Dance with an African tribe


41. Experience a week of CIA training

42. Rent out an entire gold class cinema to myself and watch the movie in pajamas

43. Eat a full course meal prepared by a world-renowned chef

44. Send a letter to a random address

45. Be able to invest in designer bags


46. Google search my name and have at least a page of results

47. Get a Doctorate degree

Image result for doctorate degree

48. Be on a panel discussing something I’m passionate about

49. Learn how to box

50. Randomly decide to join a flash-mob

51. Climb a lighthouse

Image result for lighthouse

52. See a TED Talk live

53. Have a sun-room

Image result for sunrooms

54. Attend a football World Cup final

55. Talk in and maintain varying accents for a week

56. Ride the scariest roller coasters in the world

Image result for scariest roller coaster in the world

57. Be invited to the United Nations HQ

58. Be good at yoga

59. Learn to salsa and ballroom dance

60. Play a game of hide and seek in public

61. Stay on a private island

62. Get married

63. Have children

64. Become a grandparent

65. Successfully invest

Image result for share market asx

66. Shop at the European Christmas markets

67. Learn to say “hello” in 100 languages

68. Go shopping with a personal shopper

69. Start a scholarship fund/organisation for disadvantaged children from around the world

70. Go glamping

71. Be invited to the Buckingham Palace for an event


72. Go to a sumo wrestling match


I’m sure this list will be forever growing and although some of these do seem kind of ridiculous and unachievable, I have quite enjoyed putting down a list of what I hope to do throughout my life and who knows – good shit does happen sometimes. Feel free to comment things that are on your bucket list and if you don’t have one I strongly recommend that you start compiling one… it really is very motivating.


Have a good one,

xxx – 1/2 of your Two Crazy Youths




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