Game of Thrones: An unhealthy obsession

Sek, jini dothraki. I love Game of Thrones, just like every other person you know. I’ve started conversations with complete strangers or bonded with acquaintances over a shared love of the show that seemingly has the whole world hooked. Not only is it one of my favourite shows on the air right now, but it is a show that sits neatly in my top 10 all time favourites. Why? Well, I asked myself that exact question 2:00am last night, while I lay in bed, struggling to get to sleep. It’s strange, when the reason why you love something unconditionally is questioned, because, the answer can sometimes be difficult to find. Upon my pondering, I began to wonder why I love the show. Was it because I truly appreciated GoT for what it is, or had I just gone along with the crowd?

160223-s6-key-art-1920x700The answer I realised was not going to come to me naturally, so I, like anyone in my generation, decided that the only solution was to google it. After some very thorough research I found this little gem: THRONES OF BLOOD , an article by The New Yorker, explaining the raw appeal of GoT. Of course, this is just one man’s opinion. However, it did bring up a very good point that, for a fantasy show set in a land very different to our own, there is a simplistic realism that somehow, is relate-able in our modern, comfy lives. Game of Thrones shows a reality that, in an abstract way, reflects the power struggles between the leaders of the world, the identify crisis that affects many adolescents of today and, in a weird shape and form, the constant battle many of us face just to get out of bed in the morning and face this crazy, messed up thing we call life.

However, we could not read into a show that is essentially about incestuous, inbred and white-haired people fighting over a chair and just pretend that Game of Thrones is addictive because of the low key porn and the violent war-fare that you cannot look away from. Because, on a very superficial level Game of Thrones is just something that the world uses as an escape from the fact that Donald Trump will inevitably be the end of the world. For me, GoT will always be a show that I added to my collection as a way of easing my boredom, while still being something that I greatly appreciate. But for many, its a way of life. I once met a man who tried speaking Dothraki to me after I told him I was a fan of GoT. Others, its just a show. In the immortal words of my mum: “Sometimes a TV show is something that genuinely affects the way you see the world. Game of Thrones is not one of those shows”. You do you, mum.

Love, one half of the two delirious youths





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