Gift Guide For Any Occasion (For Her)- Luxury Items

So as my first official (non-welcoming/non-serious) post I decided to keep it easy going with a fun yet, I promise- extremely useful gift guide for women, featuring luxurious items. A lot of these products are extremely pricey and on my  dream wishlist but probably have to wait a few years for or save up for them myself. Before you guys point out though that Christmas is most definitely over (a sigh of relief for some), I just want to say “I know, I know, I know, READ THE WHOLE TITLE”, any occasion must be highlighted. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine Days and many other days that I just honestly can’t be bothered to list- or think of, are days that usually call for gift giving… sooo without further ado, I present to you.. THE LUXURY GIFT GUIDE FOR HER.

1. CÈLINE Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag in Nubuck

169953ACG.07OC_1So this stunning bag by the French fashion powerhouse CÈLINE has been my absolute DREAM ever since it came out. CÈLINE has always had bags that I fantasize about but this one in particular has stuck out more than any other bag that I’ve  ever laid eyes on. I mean it’s classy and cool at the same time, there’s a feeling of ‘I will always be current’ that screams out from the bag. This bag however does come with an extravagant pricetag with a whopping $3900 (AUD) attached to it, but dare I say it- worth every cent. I know that this extravagant bag may never be on my shoulder- or the crook of my arm (however you may hold your bags), but hey, if you’re able to get this for that special someone then go for it. Thank me later.


2.  Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle

289160290_1_fsIn my books you can never go wrong with a candle. This one in particular is definitely an all time favourite- quite a fruity yet in a way..darkly seductive (?) scent which provides the warmest of welcomes. The largely portioned candle provides a wonderful ambiance to all spaces. Priced at $255, I plead of you to not just take my word for it and go in store and catch a whiff of it yourself, you too will most likely be captured by its beautiful unforgettable notes.




3. Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague Earrings
902452.png.scale.314.highSo lets just start by saying that these bad-ass babes are 70 grand, just so I don’t  get you amped up for purchasing these and being the annoying disappointing sad buzz-kill at the end by popping in the price-tag…because no one likes that person. These earring are 18k pink gold, set with 70 blue sapphires, 2 turquoises, 2 lapis lazuli, 2 aquamarines, 2 moon quartzand 106 brilliant cut diamonds equalling to 2.33 carats- a mouthful even typing it out. These beauties are probably the most expensive most unreachable things (for me) on this gift guide/wishlist, however girls are allowed to dream and these will certainly be on my mind as I drift off every night.

5. Burberry Classic Scarf

It’s a classic staple that every woman needs in her closet. The scarf transforms any outfit weather casual or dressy  (as it can be worn anywhere; anytime.) The scarf in heritage check is in fact 100% cashmere and is woven using 30 different steps. The gorgeous timeless staple comes with an equally astounding price at $785. This scarf is defiantly something that majority of women or even men will be truly grateful for as the wear and use they will be rewarded for the seemingly excessive price-tag, will make your gift a sure standout. 


6 . Valentino Cage Ballerina Rockstud Flats

Okay, so I’m not usually a one to splurge out on flats, I’m a heels sorta gal (I mean I’d probably even try to wear them to the beach if I could), BUT in saying that I do understand the sheer ridiculousness of wearing heels everywhere, so if I am to wear flats you best believe that they could only ever be these babes – if only I had $1249 to spare. I feel like any self-respecting woman who is even slightly fashion conscious either has these or fantasies about them. 




7. D&G Napa Leather Rhinestone Headphones with Crown

NAPA LEATHER RHINESTONE HEADPHONES WITH CROWN - Headphones - Dolce&Gabbana - Winter 2016These bad bitches first caught my eye when the baddest bitch of all- Rihanna sported it whilst promoting her well anticipated album- Anti. Ever since I’ve been dying to get a pair, for no good reason at all other than to look pretty tbh…I mean noooo way would I be plugging something worth $8895 into my crappy HTC to listen to music. Also the whole thing is covered in Swarovski crystals and pearls. I can’t even. If you plan on grabbing these do go onto the Dolce & Gabbana site right this second as they are in high demand and will most defiantly sell out within days, actually probably in the next few hours.



8. Chanel Metal & Metallic Fantasy Pearl Sunglasses 

 Chanel, pearls, sunnies…can you actually go wrong? Hope you all can identify the rhetorical question in that. I honestly think that these sunglasses although very different and unique could totally work with any sort of outfit- a cute sundress, shorts and crop top, jeans and sweater, bikini or even a freakin ball gown. These are priced at $1567.





9. Not so Classic Little Black Dress 

Altuzarra Paradis Dress - Evening - Barneys.comSaint Laurent Fringed Leather Dress - Short -

This doesn’t need any explanation, a little black dress is right for any occasion, dinner, a cocktail party, even a funeral- to be frank. So I thought I’d just put together a few gorgeous pieces which weren’t so classic, yet so very beautiful together so you can choose.

(From left-right)

Altuzarra- $2945

Charles Youssef Organza Wrap Dress - Short - Barneys.comBGS16_W08DFSaint Laurent- $3690

Valentino-  $2890

Charles Youssef-  $995

Alexandra McQueen-    $2306

Loyd/Ford-  $1795

LOYD/FORD Embellished Lace "Pillowcase" Tunic Dress - Evening - Barneys.comBGS16_-6DLSGivenchy- $1179

Roberto Cavalli-$5135

Marc Jacobs- $4180

Valentino- $8942

Alexandra McQueen- $2243












10. Forrey & Galland Large Chest Chocolate Collection

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This one you don’t even have to think about. How else can you say I love you – other than food, and it’s even better if it’s chocolate. Especially if it’s worth $730… this is probably the most special gift you can get anyone and I mean all I can say about it is that you best be expecting a marriage proposal when they open this. So be ready. You’re welcome.





All these absolutely beautiful gifts are parts of my wildest dreams, so I’m sure that if your lucky girl (or guy) is to receive any of these things on this list they would be beyond happy. Let me know what sort of things are on your gift guide, and also if there is one thing on this guide you could have immediately what would it be?

Thank you for sticking this far into the post. Hope I’ve helped you out, or entertained you at least.

xxx- The Better 1/2 of the Two Crazy Youths.



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