Et tu, Brute: An Australian Story

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Australia: the land of beautiful beaches, Vegemite and kangaroos, and, much to the embarrassment of its people, a seemingly unstable and unpredictable prime-ministership. Looking at our current predicament objectively, there is plenty to be thankful for. Not many countries in the world can boast a whopping 6 prime-ministers in 11 without major uproar, rioting and economic and social insecurity. For what its worth, Australia has managed to keep a high quality-of-life for its citizens (2nd only to Norway, according to the UN), has the 6th longest life expectancy, 7th best education system in the world, and has the 11th highest median wealth per capita in the world.

For a country where the random changing of PM is as much a national sport as cricket is, we aren’t doing too badly. Maybe we really are the lucky country.

So what is it like then, for the people who drew the jackpot in the lottery of life, to live under this ever-changing leadership? To answer that, we have to take a trip down memory lane to 2007, the year of Peter Parkers’s infamous dancing, the first iPhone, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the year that Australia farewelled John Howard and beckoned in Kevin Rudd. Kevin 07 anyone? This was the last year that we, as a nation, had a PM serving a full term in the position. They were simpler times indeed. Little did anyone know what was to come. Rudd managed to last a whole 3 years before the first of many leadership spills. For those who don’t know, I’ll quickly explain: it’s essentially the vacancy of a parliamentary position caused by discontent within the party. And why can this happen you ask? I’ll assume you are familiar with the American political system and throw this one at you. When voting in Australia, instead of voting for the candidate, like the USA, your vote is counted for the party and their leader. It’s kind of like voting for the Democrats rather than voting for Hilary Clinton. This may seem a little weird because for many politicians, their ideals, values and policies can vary dramatically (see Donald Trump and the late, great John McCain), but here, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely differences, but perhaps not to the extent as our friends over the Pacific.

So, if members of the party are unhappy with the leader, a leadership spill occurs and the party leader can be replaced.

It’s happened four times in the past 8 years.

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Anyway, back to Kev. His party, the Australian Labor Party (SO ANNOYING THAT IT’S SPELT THAT WAY) grew unhappy with his performance as PM so they kicked him out and voted in Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister. It should have been such an auspicious moment in our history, but it wasn’t. Right from the get-go, Gillard was slaughtered for her red hair, long nose, broad-Australian accent (think Steve Irwin), her marital status and everything in between. For 3 years, she battled through the torrents of abuse and mockery to create the National Broadband Network, which is where Australia has gotten its terrible-internet-speed-reputation from, passing the short-lived Carbon Tax bill, something that I feel, is so appropriate for a world that is, in essence, dying, and introducing the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which was a misstep in the right direction (great article here to explain what that contradiction means). Her Prime Ministership was a mixed bag and was ended in 2013, when the Gillard government came crashing down with our second leadership spill.

Her successor was none other than Kevin 07.

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Mr Rudd this time, however, lasted a mere 2 and a 1/2 months before he was booted out by the legendary budgie smuggler, Tony Abbott. Weirdly, Abbott seemed to last a lot longer than 2 years, but alas I can’t argue the facts. The only thing I can really remember about is term in office was that he ate an onion, whole, and that everyone seemed to hate him. I should mention that Phoney Tony was part of the Liberal Party of Australia, which is kind of like the Republican Party to Labor’s Democrats but neither are to the extreme of their respective wings. Instead, mostly minor variations in policies lie between Labor and Liberal. Abbott was replaced by the contrastingly mild-mannered Malcolm Turnbull in 2015, and he has been our PM for the last 3 years. Until just two days ago, when he was given the axe, and Scott Morrison become our 6th Prime Minister in 11 years.

At least ScoMo is better than Dutton, the man who feels that our 3.1 people per square kilometre is ‘overcrowded’.

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So there you have it, a brief history of the past 11 years in Australian politics. It really is very All About Eve-esque if you ask me. This brings me to the original question: what is it like living among this society of back-stabbing, selfish pricks?

It is kind of hard to describe because, generally speaking, we are a pretty easy-going people. So I’ll say it like this: for a country that relies so heavily on a self-deprecating sense of humour, it is becoming increasingly difficult to bear the burden of being the laughing stock of the rest of the world. On top of that, Australian’s typically don’t care about politics. Many of us tend to live in a haze of warm weather, sun-kissed tans and back-yard cricket on a summer’s afternoon. It really is a paradise, and one that we do take for granted. But at announcement of a fourth leadership spill, the Australian public rugged up to face the harsh, icy taunts of the nations around us. Winter has never been so unwelcome.

The reality is, it’s not the fact that we have a grow accustomed to a new PM, because as I said above, there isn’t dramatic variation between each leader and the politically uninterested Australian, they wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between the way Gillard and Abbott ran their governments. Instead, its the fact that, worldwide, #libspill and #auspol were respectively trending at 11 and 15 on Twitter. For a country of 25 million, our national embarrassment certainly had a global impact. And for two young youths living our teenage years through such times has been difficult. We’ve never really had a Barack Obama or an Angela Merkel, that one leader who catches the nation’s heart and mind. Then again we haven’t had a Donald Trump, so we do have something to be truly thankful for. This’ll blow over in a couple of days and we can go back to laughing at Trump. Fingers crossed!

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The Playlist of My Life

Welcome back! Sorry we’ve been away for so long, it’s been a busy 12 months. Hopefully we will be able to post more regularly and can keep discussing world issues, pop culture, personal anecdotes and more!

As the title suggests, this is indeed the songs that have impacted my life in a major way. If you like the sound of them, please give them a listen: I promise that no song on here is remotely sucky! Without further ado, I present you, in no particular order, the playlist of my life…


If I Had Words- Scott Fitzgerald & Yvonne Keeley

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BABE! To start off the list, I begin with a song that everyone should hear at least once in their life. If you have never listened to If I Had Words, I beg you to do so. It’s sweet, it’s soppy, it’s simple; but it is also filled with so much warmth and kindness, it isn’t easy to pass it off as another pulp 70s love-ballad, especially when it changes from a mawkishly quasi-calypso tune to an orchestral anthem of love-induced crescendos.

For me, If I Had Words is always going to be the song about my mum and my brother and listening to it with them while sitting under the trees and drinking tea. If I Had Words is my happy song, and that’s why I love it.


Mamma Mia– ABBA

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When I was five I told my dad that Mamma Mia would remain my all-time favourite song for the rest of my life. He responded “I promise you, it won’t”. He was right, but at the time it broke my heart for how little faith he had in me, my promises and my music preferences. Although I have indeed moved on to greater things since Mamma Mia, it will always hold the title of being my very first all time favourite song. And I think that some would argue that that’s pretty special.


Harvest Moon– Neil Young

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Tear-inducing lyrics? Check. Brilliant use of acoustic guitar that is simultaneously fresh and nostalgic? Check. The ethereal voice of Neil Young? Check. Legendary Linda Ronstadt on backing vocals? Check. Harvest Moon is in my humble opinion, the greatest love song ever written. But the beauty of it is, you don’t have to be in love to adore it. For me, it puts into words how I feel about music as a whole. Songs like Harvest Moon are why I listen to music. The first time I heard it, I skipped it, thinking nothing of the random song on a random playlist. However, my mum told me to put it back, thinking I’d like it. She was so, so wrong. I loved it. I am in love with you Harvest Moon.

And look at it now. It’s on the playlist of my life.


When You Were Young– The Killers

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Although I had definitely heard When You Were Young before, I was 13 when it first become something of a treasure to me. Driving to the shops with my dad, he played me this song, and I felt so. Damn. Cool. I read a story once that Brandon Flowers felt this way about Just What I Needed by The Cars. Well Mr Flowers, thanks for giving me what The Cars gave to you: a song that armed me with what is perhaps the most selfish, yet satisfying feeling in the world. For those 3 minutes and 40 seconds, I felt like a cosmopolitan cool kid. Nevermind the sweaty hair and cheap glasses; when I hear this song, I’m on top of the world.


Speak Now– Taylor Swift 

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Although it is very out of place on this playlist, I promise there is a reason for it. Promise.

My family were driving home from the movies, late at night, and we passed a billboard advertising the latest Taylor Swift album, Speak Now. I remember fleetingly mentioning how awesome Taylor Swift was, and then that was it. No mention of her until a couple of weeks later at Christmas, my grandma gifted me a CD copy of it. It was my most prized possession and is now so worn, it no longer works. I’m not sure if it’s because I genuinely love the song Speak Now, or because it embodies the album as a whole, but for so long, she was a monumental part of my life, and I have my grandmother to thank for that. So thank you grandma, for giving me one of the best presents I ever received.


1979– The Smashing Pumpkins

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If you don’t feel nostalgic while listening to this song, then… that’s fine. For some reason however,  I just feel oddly attached to 1979. I think it’s because it was one of the first songs I felt was mine. I had it all to myself. Neither of my parents gave it to me, I didn’t hear it on the radio, it just came to me one day and hasn’t left my trusty real-life playlist since.

The beauty of 1979 isn’t the sentimentality however, but the gorgeous and mellow way it becomes evocative of another time and place. Within the walls of it’s 4:24 playing time, 1979 finishes as it starts: softly . Listening to it is like coming home from a long day: it welcomes you with open arms and for that, I am truly thankful. There aren’t many songs that not only remind you of coming home, but feel like it.


That’s Entertainment– The Jam

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I’ll go down fighting and say that “two lovers kissing amongst the scream of midnight/ two lovers missing the tranquillity of solitude” is one of the greatest lyrics ever written. @ me if you want, but those two lines are underrated and I hate that. In fact, I genuinely do not feel that That’s Entertainment has ever received the widespread adoration it deserves. That’s Entertainment is one of the bleaker songs on this list and for good reason. It is not a song that one listens to when happy or joyous. If you listen to it carefully, its doesn’t exactly conjure up thoughts of peace and laughter. However, it aptly paints a portrait of the world that is, if anything, more relevant today than it was when it was released; one of a world crumbling at the very seams. But, in spite of the wreckage The Jam so carefully portrays, I find some solace in those lyrics above. They may be out of place, a form of sincere and honest irony, but they are sung with such conviction, I can’t help but forget about the carnage rendered in this masterpiece of a song.


God Only Knows– The Beach Boys

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A staple in the lives of many, just as it is in mine, God Only Knows is one of the best songs to ever grace my existence. I won’t say anything about it but this: I’ve never been in love, and that’s ok. But I hope that if it happens, it will feel like even a fraction of the love that God Only Knows illustrates; because it makes love seem like everything and more.


We Are All Made of Stars– Moby

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Dad, again, I have you to thank for this one. We Are All Made of Stars would seem, in the first 35 seconds, an unlikely choice for a song that would go on to play a massive role in someone’s life. You see, the start is very typical of the songs I hate: mid-tempo, with a semi-organic drum intro mixed with late 90s-early 00s bass electronica. Gross. But then, it becomes something else entirely. It becomes a song, that for me, at least, is enveloped in the loving folds of my childhood; trips in my dad’s truck, driving in late afternoon through the streets still so clear in my mind. And as I got older, the song stuck with me, and I began to actually listen to the words and I realise now, how lucky I am so have a song such as this to define my earliest, and happiest years.

It’s a lovely sentiment, really. Maybe we all are made of stars.


Ceremony– New Order

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It’s funny that in the playlist of my life, not a single Joy Division song makes the cut. Evidently, it would seem indicative of my attitude to life, if a notoriously dark band is nowhere to be seen. However, Ceremony, the debut single of the then-new New Order, is atypical of the group’s work that followed. Perhaps that’s why I love Ceremony so much: its not New Order, it’s Joy Division.

Ceremony, while birthed in the final days of Joy Division frontman, Ian Curtis, was molded to fit the sleeker and synthetic sound of New Order, reformed and reeling from the death of Curtis. Indeed Ceremony is the work of a genius, and the few versions available before Curtis died elicit a sense of brilliance and hope for what was to come. Instead, the world knows Ceremony as a song tainted with the sadness of this heavy death. Imagine what could have been.


On Melancholy Hill– Gorillaz

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In a similar situation to Joy Division, Blur have been left off my list unduly left off my list. I’m sure I could make a strong argument Young and Lovely or even to some extent, Coffee and TV, but alas, it is one of Damon Albarn’s later ventures that holds its place on this playlist. On Meloncholy Hill is the most underrated single from Gorillaz and no one can tell me otherwise. Tender, clever and seemingly morose but surprisingly light, On Melancholy Hill is fresh and exciting, and it remains that way after years of listening to it on repeat. I just bloody love this song.


Here, There and Everywhere– The Beatles

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Everyone has their favourite Beatles song and this is mine. Interestingly Here, There and Everywhere was inspired by my beloved God Only Knows and both songs are frequently regarded as some of the best efforts by both groups. But it’s not the critical acclaim of Here, There and Everywhere that drew me to it. Sitting comfortably in spot no.5 in Revolver, Here, There and Everywhere is a shock to the system after four songs of acidic rebellion, social commentary and exotic tones. After the sharp tang of Love To You, a gentler, sweeter and a song with fluidity comes into your life. I am jealous of people who have never heard Here, There and Everywhere. It truly is the most delightful surprise.


All That Money Wants– The Psychedelic Furs

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This is a recent one, and would probably be the most latest addition to the playlist. I was at university with the other Crazy Youth when I first heard this song off All of This and Nothing. That night, I played All That Money Wants over and over and for the past couple of months, this would certainly be the most played song on my phone. Obsessed is a nice word to describe my current relationship with All That Money Wants. Richard Butler’s drawl, the acoustic guitar playing fervently in the background while the drums and electric guitar take centre stage all culminate to minute 2:21, when all you want to do is jump. And although that moment in the song is not dramatic or overly climactic, it feels like all that is happening in my life is All That Money Wants, and, for a brief moment, that’s all I need.


Come Anytime– Hoodoo Gurus

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“What is it you want from me?” Hoodoo Gurus frontman, Dave Faulkner asks the listener in the first 15 seconds of this Australian classic. And, it is on the list, not because I love the actual song, but I love what this song reminds me of. All I could ever want from Come Anytime is a replay of nights spent laughing at Thank God You’re Here. Those memories are some of the best I have, and although I can watch all the re-runs I want, only Come Anytime brings me back to watching when I was younger. There was truly nothing better than an hour of brilliant comedy polished off nicely with the gift that it Come Anytime. Because indeed, I would come back, time and time again.


San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) – Scott McKenzie

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When I was 11, I was lucky enough to go on a holiday to San Francisco. Driving into the city across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, we were shocked when this Scott McKenzie’s masterpiece came on the radio. Random twist of fate, coincidence or destiny, our first glimpse of the city was to the magical words of San Francisco. Thankfully, the rest of the trip continued to be as epic as those first few minutes. Upon leaving, we left as we entered, singing along to one of the greats.


Living Next Door to Alice– Smokie

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While I appreciate the New World version of Living Next Door to Alice, I, as those of you who are acquainted are am I sure, are more familiar and receptive to the near-perfect Smokie version of one of great stories music has given the world. Alice has been for a long time, a favourite song to sing along to, but a sad one at that. It’s one of those song that again and again, allow for emotion, compassion, sympathy and an escape from our lives. And that’s why Alice graces this list. Not because its a masterpiece, but because its a song you gotta love.


Common People– Pulp

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I’ll say this: for much of my life, I hated Common People. I attribute this to my dad overplaying it and maybe that I never really liked the breathy voice of Jarvis Cocker and, I don’t know, I just hated it. So my dad stopped playing it, and I went years without hearing it. Until, one day, I chucked on a Britpop playlist, and behold, my one-time nemesis made its reappearance into my life at a time I really needed it. So I went home, flopped on my bed and cried to Common People all night. And that’s the story of how I fell head-over-heels for a song that I don’t think you’re supposed to fall in love with.


Sprawl II– Arcade Fire

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Sitting around the table nervously, waiting impatiently for our new speaker to be hooked up, I can only remember how excited I was for a seemingly trivial moment in time to occur. I have said this before, but music, movies and books are high on the ladder of importance in my family’s life. So you can imagine the apprehension mixed with anticipation that was swirling around our house as dad got our now old-ish sound system ready to play music all day, everyday. And the most monumental moment you ask? What was going to be the first song? In the height of the excitement, Sprawl II came on, and all of us danced around to what is, perhaps, Arcade Fire’s magnum opus. Thank you Arcade Fire, for giving me a gem of a memory, and for giving the world a gem of a song.


Oh Bondage! Up Yours!– X-Ray Spex

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There is truly nothing better than when punk meets feminism. Oh Bondage! Up Yours! came into my life fairly recently, around the time Donald Trump was put into office. Funny how life goes sometimes. Thanks to X-Ray Specs, I raged my way through that difficult time and haven’t looked back since. It’s true what Polly Styrene screams in the opening of Oh Bondage, up yours society, up yours.


This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads

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I left the best ’til last.

I wrote a post nearly two years ago about why I love This Must Be The Place, and why I love music. Well, I will only say this: what it meant to me then is nothing compared to what it means to me now. Because at the time of writing that piece, I had only just gotten back “into” music, the music I grew up with. And I was probably only a couple months into a love affair with the song in question. Fast forward 20 months, and we meet again: I am talking about This Must Be The Place, the probable love of my life.

At this point in time, there isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said about it already. I can only tell you in confidence, that every time I hear it, I’m not reminded of anything in particular. There is nothing I can associate of significance with This Must Be The Place, other than what I am doing in that moment. Perhaps thats why I devote so much of my time and energy to it; in the end, its just me listening to a song.


Thanks for reading this, please be sure to comment your favourite songs in the space below.

One half of the Two Crazy Youths xxx



The Downfall of Justice in the Downplay of Murder.

An outrageous defence challenged by many across the nation, with societal need for riddance – yet Queensland still holds on. – Investigates 1/2 of the Two Crazy Youths 

 Dead women tell no tales; tales are told about them

Provocation – a partial defence for murder, originating in the Medieval times, 400 years ago, acting as a concession for human frailty. Its primary source was to ensure that one guilty of killing ‘in the heat of passion’ would not face the, then mandatory death penalty. Indeed, it has become quite the mockery that in the modern, civilized society that Australia exists in today, that Queensland refuses to abolish the defence; no matter its incapability of reaching many agreed upon criterions of a ‘good’ law, including that of, it being relevant to society as its values and attitudes change, being equally available and applied to all, and it being certain and clear. The amendments of provocation may be a step in the right direction, but does is no way, create just outcomes. For justice to occur the defence must be ridded.

The Criminal Code, 1889, Section 304, Killing on Provocation originally read that, ‘When a person who unlawfully kills another under circumstances which, but for the provisions of this section, would constitute murder, does the act which causes death in the heat of passion caused by sudden provocation, and before there is time for the person’s passion to cool, the person is guilty of manslaughter only.’ However, based on the 2008 Queensland Law Reform Commission Recommendations (QLRC), a Bill to wind back the partial defence of provocation reducing murder charges to manslaughter if the act occurred in a jealous fit of rage, was passed in March 2011. The amendment saw the original legislation being inapplicable ‘if the sudden provocation is based on words alone, other than in circumstances of a most extreme and exceptional character,’ nor could it be based upon a deceased’s choice about the relationship. The recommendations also saw the onus of proof being placed on the defendant rather than the prosecution, to prove that without reasonable doubt provocation occurred.

The changes made, were deemed to be good-enough by lawmakers. Yet the fact that many jurisdictions, including Tasmania in 2003, Victoria in 2005, Western Australian in 2008 and New Zealand in 2009, completely abolished the defence, outraged Queensland media, legal commentators and the general public, questioning why we hadn’t followed in their footsteps?

The first and perhaps the most important argument in the case against provocation is that it is an outdated defence and doesn’t reach the standard of being relevant to society as its values and attitudes change. This defence was created in the 16th-17th century in which the sociocultural norm was men fighting duals to preserve their honour, and the mandatory sentence for murder being death. Then it was considered cowardly for a man to simply ignore an insult to his masculinity, delivered through forms of word or conduct, such as allegations of homosexual advance, jealousy and rejection; therefore, if a man was to kill in such situation, he wasn’t to be considered blameworthy, and not deserving of the mandatory death sentence of murder. However, upon realizing that Queensland, and all jurisdiction following the Westminster origins of law have abolished the sentencing of death, it must be pointed out that provocation’s actual purpose has vanished. The values of the 16th and 17th centuries are also very different to the ones of our progressive nation, and Queensland needs to par with what is accepted when it comes to how to deal with pettish anger.

Certainly not murder.

Yet judges and juries in the 21st century still listen to myths and stereotypes about the murderous rage of the cuckolded men who kill their ‘taunting’, unfaithful or departing partners who is said to have ‘provoked’ her own demise. Although the 2011 amendment saw that provocation couldn’t be argued based on the deceased ‘changing the course of a relationship,’ in cases such as that in 1984 in which a man successfully argued provocation for shooting his partner after he found her cuddled up with a friend – fully clothed, would still under the amendments, be accepted in our courtrooms 32 years later.  Queensland lawmakers must realize that provocation is completely ignoring the norm of society in the present, for today, provocation is irrelevant and stands in the way of what is most important – justice.

The law is expected to be equally applied and available to everyone, as well as protect the weak and vulnerable.  Provocation has proven to be a failure when considering this expectation. In many instances the implementation of provocation has been branded gender or homophobe, based privilege killing.  The concept of ‘loss of control’ comes up repeatedly in provocation cases, but the challenging nature of this concept is immediately evident in the anachronistic terminology of the Queensland Criminal Code, ‘kills…in the heat of passion…before there is time for the persons’ passion to cool. Thus, the insistence that control must be lost to argue provocation presents a highly gendered notion of what is and isn’t a reasonable response to a supposed provocation situation. This assures that women who kill in response to abuse who cannot, in most instances, take on their tormenter on the spur of the moment and more likely to wait to overpower their partner, not receive the same treatment from the defence as their male counterparts would.  The gender-violence bias towards men is obvious when considering the case of Heather Osland, who was convicted of murdering her husband despite pleading provocation in relation to repeated counts of rape, constant assault, abuse and death threats against her and her children, for over thirteen years. Her son, however, was acquitted of all charges although he had allegedly struck the fatal blow. Her appeal too was rejected. The court believed that both provocation and self-defence to be irrelevant on the basis that the killing was premeditated for Osland had earlier dug the hole in which to bury her husband.

The homophobic nature of this defence is another aspect that outrages the Queensland society, contrasting it to the hate crime-excuses of the 1900s and before.  Those opposed against the defence suggest that it is an obvious mean of protecting homophobes and that there shouldn’t be reasonable justification for allowing it. The question is raised then, of if it is possible for someone to be so overcome with panic from being ‘hit on’ that they lose such control that the result is death? However, a recent study found that these killing are more so due to pure homophobia rather than the more commonly claimed ‘hit on’ panic. It is hard to judge the legitimacy of losing control and beating someone to death because of homosexual advance, and not something that society accepts as reasonable, or excusable behaviour. The R v Meerdink and Pearce case saw two men who beat a man outside of a Gympie church, due to sexual advance, successfully argue provocation. Following the sentencing, Father Paul Kelly began a petition to eliminate the provocation defence from Queensland law, which gained international recognition and support from known personalities including British comedian Stephan Fry. It was raised in the controversial sentencing of R v Meerdink and Pearce, that the defence must be abolished “because it reinforces the notions of fear, revulsion or hostility are valid reaction to homosexual conduct.” When allowing such a defence to exist, it sends the message that reactions alike are acceptable, contradicting the views held by our modern society.  Kirby J, also brought to light a major argument against this defence; indicating that the defence seemed to only apply to homosexual advances opposed to heterosexual, arguing that ‘if a woman had a non-violent sexual advance made against her, tried to use provocation as a defence for murder, the definition of provocation would be unreasonably extended.’ As said in David Donaldson’s ‘Provocation and Masculinity’ essay, “if every woman who was sexually harassed by a man killed him and then claimed provocation, half the men in Australia would be dead.” Provocation is the epitome of inequality and unavailability, brining injustice to courtrooms.

Many stakeholders have argued that the defence of provocation is too difficult for juries and people of the public – whom the law is created for, to comprehend. The test of the ‘ordinary person’, central to the provocation defence, is deeply problematic, as for each juror the ‘ordinary person’ is most likely someone they identify with and therefore sympathize with. The issue analyzed in ‘The Ordinary Person In Provocation Law,’ paper agreed that the test “…is not suitable even for a superficially homogenous society, and the more heterogeneous our society becomes, the more inappropriate the test is. Behaviour is influenced by age, sex, ethnic origin, climate and other living conditions, biorhythms, education, occupation and, above all, individual differences.” It is impossible to construct a model of a reasonable or ordinary Australian. McHugh J echoed in agreement stating that “the notion of an ordinary person is pure fiction.” It is often thought that the ordinary person is an ‘Anglo-Saxon male of Judeo-Christian background and of heterosexual orientation,’ again feeding into the gender and homophobe prejudice so common to the defence. This integral test of provocation promotes doubt, inefficiency and uncertainty, which all adds up to a compelling case for provocation being unjust.

For far too long the victim’s character has been destroyed, in the misogynistic tale of falsehood. For justice to occur provocation must be abolished, no amendment will be satisfactory.  In accordance to the QLRC recommendations, Queensland should consider removing the mandatory life sentence for murder, instead allowing judges discretion, considering aggravating and mitigating factors, much like the majority of states in Australia. Another point made by the QLRC, was that provocation couldn’t be removed as it served as protection for battered women who killed their partners, urging the consideration of adding to the Criminal Code a defence that would protect women in the scenario.  Queensland understood this recommendation, and added the ‘domestic killing defence’, to Section 304B Killing for preservation in an abusive domestic relationship, in 2010, insuring the safety net for women, that pro-provocation stakeholders argued upon previously.

The provocation defence fails to meet much of the criterion of what a ‘good law’ is, including that of it reaching societal acceptance, and changing as time moves forward, being equal and available to all citizens – especially when considering their gender and sexuality, and finally, being clear and certain, proving definite inefficiency and inappropriateness. Provocation must be abolished; it stands in the way of what is of utmost importance, when considering the law in Queensland and our nation- justice.




Why HBO is the Best Thing Ever


I’ll be the first in a long line of people to shamelessly admit that I love TV. I love the way I can binge-watch peoples lives, cry when there is a death, laugh when there’s a joke, look at the shock on my mum’s face when there is a a plot twist on Game of Thrones, and in one instance, vomit when a particularly gory scene suddenly popped up on Breaking Bad. And I love that I can do all of that in the comfort of my fluorescent-lit living room. However, there is truly one great television network today and I believe that it is HBO.

It’s safe to say that a significant portion of the shows I watch are on HBO. Whether it be , in all of its Game of Thrones in all of its sick, incestuous glory or reruns Sex and the City, a show that my mum passed onto me (whether or not that is a good or bad thing, only time will tell). Today however, I am not going to talk about the delicious deviousness of a specific show, no, I am going to discuss the incredible success that HBO has had with ALL of its shows (or at least the majority).

The first glimpse I ever got into the dirty, dramatic world of HBO, was an episode of Entourage when I was the sweet age of seven. My parents were flicking through the channels, in those desperate attempts to traverse the endless cosmos of TV goodness we have all experienced. Suddenly, the antics Ari, E, Vince, Turtle and Drama entered my life, swearing and shouting. With one swift click of a button, they disappeared as soon as they had come. But as fleeting as my first impressions of HBO were, this collision of worlds would influence the way I valued and viewed TV as I grew up.

I can’t exactly pinpoint what makes it so good. Possibly and most probably for me, a youth, is the social connotations of a HBO program. Every single show oozes sex, drugs and violence in a way no other TV station has done. Even something as ‘tame’ as Silicon Valley has the famous (or infamous) season 1 finale “jerk off” algorithim. HBO does not hold back. Week-to-week we indugle in the Desirously delicate stories of people who swear, smoke and orgasm their way through murders, pregnacies and affairs. It is truly a privilege to be able to fully invest ourselves in multiple programs per week whose quality seemingly matures and grows season by season, episode by episode. HBO is so brilliant because each showrunner has the unfailing abiltiy to engage their audiences in the vividly rich lives and endeavours of some of our most beloved or passionately hated charaters. We are so engrossed in these peoples worlds, it’s easy to forget real life. I know it sounds like I’m describing the plot of Westworld, but I’m telling the honest truth. We digest these twisting and turning plots in spite of our better judgements because HBO is so sneakily able to keep us hooked. I can assure you ladies and gentlemen, no other TV broadcasting channel has done, is currently or will ever be able to do that.

Am I a Feminist?

President Trump gave an enthusiastic fist pump as he appeared on the portico to cheers from waiting crowds. Former US Senator Bob Dole and his wife Elizabeth were among the first to see him In the wake of Donald trump’s inauguration, I found myself questioning the one strong belief I have had; that if nothing, I am, and always will be, a feminist. You see, I am not an overtly loud and vocal person who regularly voices their opinion. No, I am the sort of person who is, admittedly, and unfortunately, more of a talker than a walker. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy talking about women’s rights and, equality  between the sexes, because I do, and I have been able to hold my own in debates over the topic. I think the issue is that I am not a brave person, and will never be one of those women who promote and advocate equality to the public; so the question remains, am I a feminist?

1963. The year JFK got assassinated, my dad’s all time favourite film, The Great Escape was released, The Beatles became a thing, and, in the world of feminism, Betty Friedan, the most powerful voice for women the world has ever seen, published The Feminine Mystique, a book that swept through the world, inspiring housewives to get into the workplace, and challenge the stereotypes that had smothered generations of women. After the release of the book, the second wave of feminism began to grow, and left huge shoes to fill for the following generation. But here we are today, with thousands of Women’s March’s going on all over the globe, in protest of Mr Trump’s overall attitude and lack of respect towards women. Scroll through your social media feeds, and you’ll find countless posts and celebrity messages about fighting for equality. Women in Poland fought, and then won a battle regarding a ban for abortion. America almost had a female president. The fight against sexism is truly coming to a forefront in our society, and as a citizen of the global community, I honestly feel like I’m doing nothing.

Related image

Now, I no that I will never be a Betty Friedan or a Rosie the Riveter, Dora Fabian or even Lena Dunham, but it bothers me that there are so many opportunities for me to be an active feminist, and participate in protests, and help out with flyers, or even spread the word, and I am not involved in any of it. How is it that we live in a world that is so connected, yet I seem to be drowning in the nothingness of my own self-pity and philosophical wonderings? Is my destiny to be the girl who argues about rights, but never fights for them?

I know I’m not the only one thinking it either. Discussions with friends and acquaintances have led me to believe that the issue is, indeed, not necessarily fighting for rights, but finding places and mediums to express our need for equality.

I think, however, the answer will not be found by blaming others for this lack of accessibility for areas and times to vocalise my thoughts on abortion, the gender pay gap, inequality between non-white women, and the rest of the world, and much, much more. The answer is, that I, have not been looking hard enough, if at all, for these things.

But, when it comes down to it, although I may not be an influential or dynamic feminist, I am a woman’s rights supporter. This I realised while talking to the other crazy youth (who by the way, is a very active feminist). I may not be radical, or exceedingly liberal, but I sure do love arguing why I am, if anything, an equal to my brother. And it’s nice to say that. In your face Donald Trump, and your ridiculous family.

Please, please comment. I would love to hear your thoughts. This is just the place to voice your opinion.

Love, One Half of the Two Crazy Youths xxxx


Reflection on the Year of 2016

I mean I think we can all say that the year of 2016 argued by some to be the ‘worst year in history’ is something we’ll all be happy to say a big “goodbye, thanks for nothing and f*ck you” to.


It was the year of political atrocities in the circus of the US election providing us with one disappointing candidate and the other a sick joke, then slapping us across the face in electing this sick joke with zero political experience, accused of sexual assault and threatening of racial cleansing, the utter brainless of Brexit and the re-entrance of Pauline Hanson into Auspol.

Image result for ugly donald trumpImage result for ugly pauline hansonImage result for ugly boris johnson

The world rightfully so weeped and prayed for Orlando, Brussels, and Nice; our entire world was shifted into panic mode.


However, we stood silent watching as Aleppo crumbled into nothingness, we were ignorant and unchanged when ISIS terrorised Baghdad in the holy month of Ramadan, killing over 300 hundred and injuring hundreds more and the Boko Haram attack on a North Nigerian village at the end of January, killing 65 and burning some alive? Well I had to Google that to find out it actually existed.


We lost the greats of Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Harpar Lee, Harambe, David Bowie and as if the world thought it still hadn’t had the last laugh the beloved Carrie Fisher was taken from us as well.

Gun laws still remain legal in the US despite the losses they have brought, at a time where ‘love is all we need’ hate crimes towards the LGBTQ and Muslim communities have dramatically increased in the US, whilst in the UK hate crimes and racial abuse have also surged, and there was an outbreak of Zika viruses making the lives of those who had it tough – even tougher. The Dreamworld Thunder Rapids freak accident yet again brought us to tears for all those involved and there was an overwhelming sense of ‘that could have been me’,  as many around Australia had on multiple occasions enjoyed that very ride. A burkini ban was imposed in Cannes begging the question of how much have we really changed since the times where women’s clothing was dictated by men?


The victim’s statement of the brutal Stanford rape case was powerful and moving, yet the pathetic Brock Turner received an almost non-existent sentence and is now released, bringing to attention the ignorance,  patriarchy and white-privilege coursing through the legal system.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text

I guess it would be pretty safe to say that 2016, was the year where we realised our capabilities in hypocrisy, ignorance and off-handed racism, sexism and homophobia as a collective human race. Also other things that made this year the worst were the Brangelina split (and all the other ones), Alex and Richie from the Bachelor Australia bathing in chocolate and Batman vs Superman.

Image result for bachelor chocolate bath gif

So far all of this has been all doom and gloom and I mean – fair enough, but a lot of goodness has occurred that has gone past simply unnoticed which we desperately need to recognise and remember for the sake of our sanity. Pokemon re-emerged and the excitement it brought contagiously swept through the world, we were blessed with a Harry Potter prequel/spinoff with Eddie Redmayne gracing our screens,  Jon Snow came back to life and GoT gave us life, Chrissy Teigan’s tweets spoke our every thought and Deadpool reached out to me on a spiritual level. Lemonade got me frantically researching possibilities of who “Becky with the good hair” was, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a thing, we got to see Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s perfect children, The Crown more than satisfied my long-lived curiosity into the world of the royals and Netflix’s sneak peaks of the Series of Unfortunate Events got me super duper keen.

Image result for eddie redmayne fantastic beastImage result for jon snow alive gif

Leo finally won his Oscar – and we lived long enough to see it, Tatiana Maslany  won her much deserved Emmy and James Corden’s Car Pool Karaokes made us happy.

Then there was Paul McCartney taking part in the mannequin challenge, the guy dabbing his way through graduation and perhaps 2016 being the pinnacle in the production of dank memes. 200 strangers attended the funeral of a homeless WWII veteran with no family, 70 000 Muslim clerics declared a fatwa against ISIS, Micheal Jordan donated $2 million to try help bridge the connection between police and the community, and 21 of the Chibok schoolgirls were released by Boko Haram and reunited with family members with Government officials vowing to keep negotiating the release of additional captives.

Toys R Us offered quiet shopping hours for children with Autism and two brothers saw colour for the first time through specially designed glasses. Now there’s a vaccine to fight against Ebola, volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in 24 hours and for the first time a solar powered plane flew around the world. It was a leap year which means the Olympics where good things happen to a lot of people but it’s worth noting that for the first time ever there was a Refugee team, represented under the Olympic flag.

Babies were born, birthdays were celebrated, people got the grades they worked hard for, received promotions, survived cancer and overcame depression.

It is easy and often necessary to focus on what is wrong in our world (and there was a hell of a lot in 2016), so we can get up and actually do whatever possible to fix these problems; but lets not forget that in everything there are triumphs that we should applaud and be reminded of once in a while. I’m not saying 2016 was the greatest, but there has been worse – like the black death of the 1340s and we preserved, getting through that; so I’m sure that we can deal with the repercussions of this one. All in all, many including myself will be more than glad to say “cya” to 2016. 2017 – please be kind to us.


X 1/2 of your Two Crazy Youths

My Top 5s’ – December 2016

Just a compilation of my top 5 faves from random categories throughout the past month. Thought it would be interesting to do this sort of jazz every once in a while, so I can reflect and you guys may even find it to be quite useful in case you ever want to try out any of these wonderful things.



  1. Maltesers
  2. Guac and dip (since always though – lets be real)
  3. Tacos
  4. Springrolls
  5. Lemon Lime Bitters



  1. The Bvlgari Serpanti Forever collection
  2. Gucci ‘Ace’ Sneakers (or trainers)
  3. All of Stuart Weitzman’s high boots
  4. Pinafores
  5. Relying on cute sunnies as my main form of accessory



  1. Mac lipstick – Mehr
  2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
  3. Hydrating moisturiser
  4. Lucas Paw Paw ointment
  5. Mario Badescu facial spray with rosewater


Movies/TV Shows: 

  1. La La Land
  2. Veep
  3. Home Alone – 1&2
  4. Elf
  5. The Office (reruns)



  1. The Kite Runner
  2.  Wave
  3. A Thousand Splendid Suns
  4. Harry Potter series (always)
  5. A Monster Calls



  1. Vlogmas – specifically Tanya Burr’s and Zoe Sugg’s
  2. Beaches in New South Wales
  3. Christmas lights
  4. Being able to shop at 1am because why not
  5. James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke



Hope you’ve enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments what a few of your favourite things from the month were and any general thoughts you have on The Delirious Alternative- your words will always be much appreciated.


XX – 1/2 of the Two Crazy Youths







Yes, I Cried in Rogue One


The first thing to know about me: I’m not an overly emotional person. Yes, I cry in sad movies, books, moments in TV shows ( Friends season 9, episode 21), and you know, sad moments in life; however, I don’t cry at things that don’t at all require tears. So I was as surprised as you when I bawled my eyes out upon watching the latest instalment of the Star Wars universe.

Image result for rogue one

Another thing: I am not one of those crazed Star Wars fans who cry every time they hear the music or whatever. I grew up in a household where pop culture was the forefront of my childhood, so of course, Star Wars was a huge part of my younger years. I adored watching Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie take on the Empire, and I enjoyed nothing more than doing a marathon of Star Wars once a month or so. However, it is not my be-all-and-end-all. I can enjoy other things in life without the constant thought of George Lucas’s mighty creation buzzing annoyingly in my head my every waking second. Not that Star Wars could ever get old or brutally irritating; its just not my life. So again, you can imagine the slight shock I got when I found tears pouring down my face as the realisation dawned on me that Rogue One was not going to end happily ever after, like previous Star Wars movies have; discounting the Force Awakens of course.

Image result for rogue one jyn and cassian

For those who haven’t seen it and wish to stay away from spoilers, may I politely ask you to stop reading here and go and watch it. I can assure you it will be a worthwhile experience. For those who have seen it, I’ll start from exactly where the reality of the dire situation hit me. After watching the plot slowly but steadily build its way through the heavy story it had to address, I was ready to see how everything was going to play out. You see, I kind of knew already that they were all going to die. Like every person who has watched the original movies at least once, the mystery behind Mon Mothma’s little line about the cost of lives to get the plans in Return of the Jedi has always been intriguing, and when the first trailer was released for Rogue One, it was obvious that these were the said lives. I knew that it was not going to end all dreamy and heroic and sweetly glorious. But what I did not expect was the wave of overwhelming emotion that came with it; the rough consciousness that forced me to understand that these people were going to die, whether I liked it or not.

And the moment that it hit, that stony realisation, was when, of all things, K-2SO died, the sarcastic, yet undeniably lovable droid who, lets be real, did not have enough screen time. I knew then that the characters who I had watched for a solid hour and a half + were dead. And it being a Star Wars movie, and not a dramatic movie that was specifically designed to tug at the heartstrings, I was bewildered at the deep sadness that overcame me. Even my mum, who is one of those people who cries at everything, did not shed one tear.

I think, along with other things, the answer to my sorrow is that there has never been a Star Wars movie that has shown the true repercussions of war. Rogue One is just so powerfully dark, it makes the story it tells compellingly beautiful, and therefore, the characters are people who you root for. You end up wanting the girl who lost her parents young to live, because she is so strong and vibrant. You need the man who has done terrible things for a cause her cares so much about to, well, survive, because he is part of a rebellion that is built on hope. Each and every person who you have seen struggle and fight, is a person who you begin to love. And suddenly, as soon as they came, they were gone, only to be fleetingly mentioned in the movies to come. It’s almost cruel.

The moment, though, that truly broke me is when, after everything, Jyn and Cassian sit on the beach, embracing, as the force of the Death Star’s weapon comes closer and closer. These two characters who I followed for over two hours were, to put it plainly, dead, and someone like whiny Luke Skywalker still complained his way through life. Do not get me wrong, he’s ok, and in Return of the Jedi, he’s even bearable. I only wish that Mark Hamill didn’t have such an annoying voice. The fact that these people died and he still gets to live is, as Luke would say, unfair.

Image result for luke skywalker whinySo there we go, a story about a person who cried over a Star Wars movie. I hope that you guys can at least relate a little to the emotion that I was/am feeling.

Love one half of the two crazy youths

A Little Something about Harry Potter

These are just the stories of how we came about Harry Potter and why the series means the world to us. Enjoy.

I was 7. My 2nd grade teacher had just told my mum that I needed to start reading books that would challenge me, instead of the rainbow magic fairy books the rest of my friends were reading. At the time, I was slightly apprehensive about reading such a ‘large’ book, but, classic me, I took on the challenge of doing something that was out of the ordinary. And so began my love affair with Harry Potter. Everything about it: from the characters to the plot to the simple magic of it all, made me feel like I was part of something. When I was 9, I moved schools, and I struggled. Bullying and no friends is never a good combination, and when you add new student in the mix, the outcomes are always going to be negative. For a whole year, my only true friends at school were Harry, Ron and Hermoine. As lame as that sounds, they were my everything, and I am so overwhelmingly thankful that they allowed me to tag along with their crazy adventures. My story is not devastating, or horrid, or happy. Its plain and its been told a million times over. But I love that I share it with so many others. You see, even after things got better, and I moved on and the world was no longer sad, I continue to re-fall in love with the beauty of magic. Hogwarts was a home to me; in a weird metaphorical way, and I loved living in its fire-lit stone walls. And some part of me does indeed still live there. Because, as my queen J K Rowling once said: Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Related image

Unlike my genius admirable significant other, I stupidly ignored the good and righteous in the world for many, many wasted years and absurdly chose to make the conscious decision to not to enter the magical world of Harry Potter through its purest form of the book series.  I was told time and time again by my parents and my friends that I had to read these books that would completely change my life but I as a naive apprehensive little 7 year old was convinced that Harry Potter fell under the genre of horror and I just wasn’t up for that. For Eid, I was, to the great jealousy of my cousin, presented with the entire Harry Potter bookset but I didn’t even touch it, nope – I regifted. Still, I argued myself to be a ‘Potterhead’ after merely having watched the movies and look, don’t get me wrong – the movies are fantastic, they were my entire childhood and I could probably do a whole different post about all that is good about the casting, camera work and overall production and direction of the films; but those who have actually read the books just know it just bloody isn’t the same. Being best friends with a chick who glared at you every time you mentioned Harry Potter due to not having read it was draining and so I decided that fixing the situation and delving into these books was the most logical thing to do – I love reading and now I was past the stage of ‘oh but it’s scary.’

Image result for harry potter hogwarts tumblr

I remember walking, side by side, with my other half back to our lockers from an insightful modern history lesson and I looked at her and I just knew I had to do it – I was to borrow out Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone that very  afternoon. We rushed to get our books in our bags, fast-shuffled (we’re not fit) down the longest flight of stairs ending up at the coolest place of the school – the library, all the while being told that I was so lucky to be reading these books and the envy of this experience I was about to embark on. Needless to say, I had pretty fucking high expectations. We sat by our celebratory, chill – ‘lets not study today’ window on the comfiest beanbags, got our Snapchats out to document this momentous occasion and I opened to the start of the book to read the first sentence, “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much,” and suddenly I was overcome with unexpected emotion and as weird and silly as this may sound –  it truly was the most magical moment of my life. Tears from both the ‘two crazy youths’ were shed and from then I was done, I did nothing but read. I fell in love with the skillful writing of the all-powerful J.K. Rowling, the well defined relationship dynamics between Harry, Hermoine and Ron, the indescribable warmness and welcome into Hogwarts, interesting professors, Quidditch, the understanding of hatred for that ‘Umbridge bitch’, Fred and George Weasley, the ever so exciting yet harrowing fight between good & evil  and so much more which I can’t go in the fear of spoiling everything for those who have not had the blessing of reading the books – compile into a long list of reasons that the Harry Potter books have become my absolute favourites. Several months after reading these absolute God-send of books I am still experiencing severe withdrawals, sudden bursts of sadness at the thoughts of my prior stupidness in failing to read the books earlier and also an expanded sense of nosiness whenever anything remotely familiar to Harry Potter is mentioned. I’ll forever be grateful for the joys this series has brought me and will always feel the overwhelming sparks of magic at the tips of my fingers as I turn the pages of the books that have genuinely changed my life.

Love, the two crazy youths xxx

Christmas Gift Guide – a bit of everything

Doing another one of these this year because it’s so fun to do and also pretty useful. This time round however, there’s a bit of something for everyone from everything between $$$$$ – $. I love every one of these items and although Christmas definitely is not about the presents; giving and receiving is pretty sweet so I do hope that I inspire some gift-giving options for your loved ones. Also all of these prices are in Australian Dollar.


1. Giuseppe Zanotti – Metal Cage Sandals ($2,696.75)

guseppe zanotti.PNGThese shoes epitomise elegance and are utterly unique. The show stopping details will jazz up your Christmas outfit or any party season do-up you plan on wearing. They also prove to be extremely versatile as often fashionistas are seen styling these with mini dresses and skirts, evening gowns to cropped trousers. Zanotti’s are also well-admired for their surprising comfort and that is something any woman will be beyond grateful for. You just cannot go wrong.


Find it here:



2. Harry Potter – Quidditch Chess Set ($579.89)

qudditch.PNGChess is pretty cool. Brain power, strategy, competition and all of that fun stuff – what’s better though is Harry Potter. Combine the two and budampa-toosh you get the ULTIMATE Quidditch chess set, plus it is fancy as heck.  Anyone who appreciates Harry Potter – basically everyone, should absolutely die of happiness and admiration upon unwrapping this charm.


Find it here:



3. Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World ($29.95) 

bad girlsss.PNG Have to have a bit of feminism and women empowerment in this post and this book is full of just that. Ann Shen’s work in this book should be displayed proudly for all to see for it is a masterpiece which revisits impressive women such Marie Antoinette, Billie Holiday, Cleopatra and other lesser-known names, honouring each lady with a stunning watercolour portrait as well as a thoughtful essay celebrating their accomplishments.




Find it here:    




4. Microwave Popcorn Popper ($21.43) 

popcorn.PNGPopcorn is just the easiest thing in the world and so delicious – perfect for movie nights. This tool makes it even better for those health conscious because oil is completely unnecessary but for those (like me) who just don’t give a shit or want to treat themselves a butter compartment is available – so it covers everyone. No denying the value of this present.


Find it here:



5. Ray Ban – Aviator Light Ray II ($260)

raybans.PNGDudes are obsessed with aviators anyway, so make them better with the quality of Ray Ban. Sunnies are just an essential, you can never own too many and with the all black, you just can’t go wrong. However, these do come in 5 different colours if you wanted to turn things up.

Find it here:

Ray Ban                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               6. Bvlgari – Serpanti Forever Leather Shoulder Bag  ($1950)


I’ll just start of by saying that I am beyond obsessed with the Bvlgari Serpanti collection, so every bag that falls under it would be on this post if I could but I can’t. Please do go and check it all out because something there will catch your eye and be total perfection for that special someone.

Find it here:



7. Diptyque – Baies Candle ($73)


Diptyque just knows how to do it with their scents. This is probably one of their best selling and for a good reason that is. They last for yonkers and fill the air with the most divine aromas – this one in particular with a whiff of a bouquet of roses and a blackcurrant bush. I do recommend that you do go in store for a sniff just to ensure that its the right one for your person.


Find it here:



8. Happy Plugs – Sound Piece Mini ($149)


Just the pressie for the one that insists on booming music in every room. This speaker is minimalistic and at around 15cm, weighing less than a kg – it is super convenient. A guy, gal or kiddo could find of plenty use with this. It also has some some high tech features including Bluetooth connectivity, a battery lifespan of 15 hours and an emergency power bank to charge a phone on the run – this thing might just become their new constant companion.

Find it here:

Happy Plugs


9. T2 – Fruitalicious Loose Leaf Everyday Refill ($14-$35)

t2.PNGTea is just yum and fills you with warm happiness. A present you can consume is in my opinion, the best sort. A delicious blend of cranberries, blueberries, dragon fruit and goji berries – your taste buds will be thanking you.





Find it here:



10. Dior – Diorama Précieuse Earrings ($17000)

dior.PNGHow freakin’ beautiful and in season are these earrings?! I’m loving the whole mismatching trend that’s going around right now; it’s kind of effortless but classy at the same time. The 18K Pink Gold, Diamond and Morganite all add up to the hefty price tag, but given the timelessness of these earrings the worth of it does go up often so it could also double as a good investment piece if you’re interested in that.


Find it here:

Only available in Dior Boutiques


11. Boda Skins – Jaws ($746.39)

jaws-gunmetal-zipped_1.pngA good leather jacket is essential to every wardrobe. It’s a basic, but this classic Boda Skins one is bound to wow. The quality is unbeatable, you may customise it to suite your taste in metal, colour or even have it engraved. A leather jacket is a definite go to gift for parents, siblings, partners – anyone really. The mullah that goes towards this is not at all realistic for most, but fear not there are so many dupes on the market – I found some from Zara, Target, French Connection, Asos and a few other places, which I’ll be sure to link below. Also remember to never forget the wonder of faux.


Find it here:

Boda Skins

Asos  ($82)

French Connection  ($169.95)

Zara ($95.52)

Target ($39)


12. Kailijumei Lipsticks ($22)

lips.PNGThese are clear lipstick infused with jelly, gold specks, and a tiny flower placed right in the centre – basically the glass encased rose from beauty and the beast. Anyone whose into beauty should fall in love with these much hyped lippes. To be honest, I don’t think I’d care if they didn’t have amazing colour pay off or whatever – I don’t really want it to touch my lips; I’d love to just have it in my collection so I can admire it to my heart’s content.


Find it here:



13. Parrot – Bepop Two Drone ($1299.99)

drone.PNGThis would be the most awesome thing to open up and fly around on Christmas day. This is mostly marketed towards guys but if this was the only thing I got, I would be beyond elated. I currently have a crappy one that doesn’t record footage but I still have the most fun with that so I reckon with the extensive capabilities with this funky gadget, life would be super great.

Find it here:



14. Nespresso – Solo Capsule Coffee Maker (usually $199, now $169.15)


Coffee, an essential aspect of human survival. A coffee maker at your home providing hot steamy goodness at the press of a button – no shitty customer service or long lines. Need I say more?





Find it here:



15. Ginia – Luxurious Robe ($299) 

robeSilk. Heaven on your skin pretty much. This is just so sexy and elegant and argh, I want it so bad. Navy also oozes chic and this will just last you a lifetime – I’m kind of obsessed. I don’t really know what else to say about this because it is just a robe and spending this amount of money for such an item may seem like complete idiocy for some but this just seems so irresistible, I am in in love.





Find it here:



16. Asos – Bow Tie and Pocket Square Pack ($18)

bow.PNG Often men don’t buy these snazzy items that are necessary for formal events. This set is inexpensive and I’m sure he will be grateful when rummaging through his drawer to find this handy set at a time of desperation. Simply genius.





Find it here:



17. Etsy – Minimalist Lavender Sachets ($33.10)

lavender.PNG For anyone like me, who takes forever to get to sleep – knows how much of a God-send lavender is. Even better, the little sachet is so very cute with grey polka dots on genuine cotton material. This could work with the decor of any household.




Find it here:



18. Oroton – Salisbury Briefcase ($695)

oroton.PNGBehind every successful man is a darn good briefcase and this could be that briefcase for the men in your life. It’s the ultimate of style and sophistication and ensures that you can travel from meeting to meeting with comfort and ease – ‘tailored, timeless and iconic.’



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19. Country Road – Tassel Fringed Hat ($89.95)

hat.jpgSun safety, is always important. Especially in this season of jolliness (in Australia) where the sun is relentless. So why not do it with some style and the key piece of fringe from this season.


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Country Road 


20. Lush – ‘The Magic of Christmas’ Reusable Bubble Bar ($10.95)

lushChristmas in your bathtub. Made to refresh and uplift, this all natural product is sure to tempt you at the end of a well-celebrated day. The ingredients have proven to ‘stimulate the skin and boost circulation’ and the aromas of sweet warmness, spice and zest will instantly rid you of those Grinch like moments. Worth every penny as it doesn’t just disappear after one bath – it can last you a long while depending on your bubble mood. A thoughtful treat indeed.





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21. Edible Blooms – Luxury Chocolate Bloom ($175)

choc.PNGI mean…chocolate and flowers are a ‘can’t go wrong present,’ so when you combine the two – you know you have a winner. Ferrero Rocher and Lindt are so naughty and we often deprive ourselves from them throughout the year and so this will be such a lovely surprise to receive on Christmas and will be something they can truly savour. Also their Instagram will be thanking you as well.



Find it here:

Edible Blooms


I hope that ya’ll have a beautiful, blessed Christmas with you loved ones and that I’ve assisted in your present giving process; or entertained you at least? For those who this day isn’t too major on their calendar (like me) – I’m sure these gift would also definitely work out for any other occasion and that you too enjoy this very festive time of year and have a relaxed one.

Let me know of something things that you would love to be under your Christmas tree and any suggestions you may have for me.

Lots of love,

1/2 of the Two Crazy Youths

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